April 2014- Spring Renewal

It is finally Spring! We all know about spring cleaning our homes, but what about our emotional lives?

  • Take inventory of what is going right in your life.
  • Take inventory of what you would like to be even better in your life (notice I didn’t say what’s wrong or what you want to change because we often have internal resistance to change.)
  • Write down your dreams. Get very clear on specifics about how you would like your life to be (I would like to take a family vacation to… this year, I would like to learn how to play tennis etc.)
  • What internal resources can you call on to make your dreams happen?
  • What external resources can you call on to support you in your dreams (friends, family)?

Tips for children/teens:

  • Ask your child to tell you the best thing that happened to him/her that day. This exercise helps children focus on all of the good things that happen during the course of a day as they are picking out their favorite moment.

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Her therapeutic method combines working with individuals’ strengths, experiencing emotions and mindfulness training. This approach helps people experience an increased sense of well-being quickly.

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