End of Summer 2019 Newsletter


People have mixed feelings about the end of summer. It may remind adults of the dread of going back to school that they felt as children. Children and teens actually do feel that dread. If you are starting a new job or school, there may be anxiety. Others may be happy that summer is over and they can go back to a routine with less child care responsibilities or chaos from traveling. Or, one may alternate between the two feelings.

End of Summer

Kiss the moment as if flies by: William Blake said: “He who binds to himself a joy Does the winged life destroy; But he who kisses the joy as it flies Lives in eternity’s sun rise.” To me that means to be with the joy as you are experiencing it. If you are worrying about the joy ending or planning your next way to find joy then you’re not experiencing the actual moment. This is like watching the sunset on the beach and mentally planning your next trip instead of enjoying what is in front of you. Haven’t we all done that?

If you are happy that summer is over, embrace that too. Remember that old back to school commercial with the music playing: “Its the most wonderful time of the year?” While it can be great to have more family or relaxation time it is also grounding to have the structure and routine that comes from having your children be at school.

Its ok to have different feelings at different times or that are different from your friends. Part of you may be ok with summer ending, part of you may be sad. Or you may be nervous or excited about a transition. All feelings are ok to have. Embrace that the same situation can evoke different feelings at different times. If you are sad, let yourself feel sad. If you are nervous, make room for that. If you are happy, embrace what that feels like inside. Also, try to put aside guilt that arises when your friend is sad that her kids are going back to school while you are jumping for joy. Everyone is entitled to their own viewpoint and emotions.

Are you happy that summer is over? Sad? Let me know. Email me at IlanaRosenberg@gmail.com

Best wishes,

Ilana D. Rosenberg, Ph.D.


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