Fall Newsletter

Back to School/Work

It can be disheartening to return to your usual routine after a fun summer vacation. Here are some ideas to help you through the transition.

  • Its ok to feel bad; let the feeling wash over you like a wave. It will peak and and then subside. Feelings don’t last forever and when you ride the wave of feeling to the other side there is usually a sense of relief and calm.
  • When you feel out of sorts, notice what you are feeling and label it. Notice what that feeling is like in your body. Be with it.
  • Remember: “This too shall pass.” You will be adjusted to your new routine soon and difficult feelings have a way of passing. Nothing that feels bad is ever the last step.
  • Do something nice for yourself to lift your mood- get an iced coffee or ice cream, go for a walk in the sun, treat yourself to a massage, anything that makes you feel nurtured.

Tips for children/teens:

  • Validating a child’s feelings can go a long way in soothing them. So the next time your child whines and screams, label and hold their feelings: “Oh, you feel sad/mad/bad right now? Its ok to feel sad/mad/bad.” Then hug them tight until they feel better. It can work like magic. For teens: just verbally validating emotions can help teens feel understood and soothed. You don’t need to provide the solution, just the warmth and empathy and with that your teen can work out the problem themselves.

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