Fall Reflections 2013

Once again as the leaves are falling and Fall is making its appearance, its a good time to practice mindfulness skills. We can be mindful of the beautiful blue sky, the leaves changing colors and the moderate temperatures. We can be aware of the feelings that come up in us with the end summer- wistfulness for the freedom of summer, apprehension about the arriving cold and anticipation of the joys that Fall and Winter can bring, such as apple picking, settling back into the routine of school and the cozy feeling of snuggling under a down comforter on a cold day.

Take a moment and try to step out of the drama of whatever crisis is going on in your life. According to Buddhism, its only your mind labeling it a problem that makes it appear to be a problem. Try to observe the feelings and memories that this episode is bringing up for you. Just notice it. When you have insight about yourself and the source of a feeling or conflict, that dynamic loses power over you.

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