February 2013 update/Mindfulness tips from Ilana D. Rosenberg, Ph.D.

February 2013

Dr. Rosenberg recently moved her office from Harrison to Scarsdale N.Y. Her beautiful new office in Scars dale Village, is conveniently located in central Westchester, just blocks from the Scars dale train station and easily accessible from the Bronx River Parkway.

Dr. Rosenberg treats individuals with: anxiety, depression, adjustment issues, relationship difficulties and trauma. She works with adults, teens, and children.

Dr. Rosenberg also has special expertise working with mothers of newborns and children of all ages.

Her therapeutic method, which combines working with individuals’ strengths and mindfulness training, helps people experience an increased sense of well-being quickly.

Mindfulness/stress relief tips from Dr. Rosenberg:

Life gets stressful and we can’t control that. The key is to learn how to control your thoughts and reactions so that you don’t get overwhelmed. Here are a few tips about what to do when you feel stressed out or unhappy:

  • Take a moment and feel your feet touching the floor. Pay attention to the texture, temperature and pressure they are feeling.
  • Notice the couch or chair you are sitting on. Feel your back, legs and behind touching the couch.
  • Make a list of the top 5-10 things that you are grateful to have in your life. It can be as simple as: food to eat, air to breathe, the ice cream I ate today etc.
  • Think about the best thing that has happened to you so far today. It can be as simple as: the way that my son kissed me goodbye today.

Mindfulness for children:

  • Teach your child how to clench his/her whole body tightly and then relax it. Help the child to notice his/her body relaxing.

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