March 2014- Accepting What “Is”

Reality: Struggle against it or accept it?

  • We all wish things were different in so many areas of our lives. For example: this winter has been way too long, cold and snowy.
  • Struggling against what is can make you feel worse. For example, constantly grumbling about the weather fuels frustration and sadness.
  • Is there something you can do to change the reality that you don’t like?
  • If there is something you can do about your source of dissatisfaction, then do it. If not, then try to accept it as if you had chosen it and focus on the positive elements. For example: move to California or embrace the winter and focus on the enjoyable parts of it such as curling up with a warm hot chocolate with the kids on all the extra snow days.

Tips for children/teens:

    • When children say: “No Fair!” rather then explaining why it is fair, reflect, label and validate their feelings. Eventually, they will feel better.

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