April 2013 Mindfulness and Mood Boosting Tips from Ilana D. Rosenberg, Ph.D.

April 2013

Spring is a good time to think about shedding unwanted emotional baggage and choosing personal freedom from the negativity that can come from every day trials and tribulations. You can make it into a game: being upset about being stuck in traffic, or my personal freedom? Personal freedom is almost always more attractive.

Mindfulness, stress relief and mood boosting tips from Dr. Rosenberg:

Life gets stressful and we can’t control that. The key is to learn how to be in control of your thoughts and reactions so that you don’t get overwhelmed. Here are a few tips about what to do when you feel stressed out or unhappy:

  • Close your eyes and relax your forehead, hands and stomach. Breathe deeply in and fill your belly with air like a balloon. Now blow it out slowly. Notice your body beginning to relax.
  • Think about the best thing that has happened to you so far today. It can be anything, like I spent 5 minutes in the sunshine.
  • Imagine your negative thoughts floating through your mind like a cloud in the sky. There is no need to hold on to them. Thoughts can pass through your mind just like clouds pass through the sky. The clouds are not the sky and your negative thoughts are not you.

Mindfulness for children:

  • When upset, ask your child to blow out “birthday candles.” Put up as many fingers as the child will be on their next birthday and ask them to blow. Repeat until your child is calm. You can teach your child that we can’t think of good solutions to problems until we are calm.

Dr. Rosenberg treats individuals with: anxiety, depression, adjustment issues, relationship difficulties and trauma. She works with adults, teens, and children.

Dr. Rosenberg also has special expertise working with mothers of newborns and children of all ages.

Her therapeutic method combines working with individuals’ strengths and mindfulness training. This approach helps people experience an increased sense of well-being quickly.

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