Mindfulness For Mothers

Mindfulness means being aware or present to whatever you are doing at the moment. EG if you are brushing your teeth you notice the taste of the toothpaste, the feeling of the brush against your teeth. So if you are holding your baby, you are looking at the baby, noticing the feeling of the baby in your arms, noticing the baby’s expressions. How do you think your baby is feeling right now?

Its also important to be mindful to yourself and your own feelings.

Its very difficult in the modern world to be mindful. There are many distractions eg cell phones, ipads and many times its tempting to text or email while with your baby. That’s fine, but taking just a moment here or there to be mindful of yourself and your baby can be helpful.

Lets start by being mindful of your breath. Just notice one breath from the inhale to the fullness of the lungs to the feeling of the release of the exhale. Now notice your feet, legs touching the floor. Now you are present. Now notice the feeling of your baby against your skin and against your body.

You can practice a moment of mindfulness any time of the day. Being present to yourself and your baby in the present moment will help you feel more grounded and your baby feel known and attended too.

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