May 2014- Mini-Mindfulness Moments and Mindfulness Audio Cast

We tend to be so busy that its hard to take time for mindfulness. Yet we know that mindfulness increases calm, concentration and helps us to appreciate each moment of our lives more deeply. How can a frazzled parent and/or professional find time to practice mindfulness? Try to find a mini-moment.

    • Notice one entire breath from the beginning of the inhale to the moment of fullness to the end of the exhale.
    • Elongate your breathing even while doing other things. Breathe in to the count of four and out to the count of four.
    • When you are waiting for your email or a website to load, notice: “I am alive and present, right now.
    • Notice when you are feeling overwhelmed and relax your hands, stomach and forehead.

Tips for children:

  • Help your child relax his/her stomach when upset by breathing into your hand that is placed gently on your child’s stomach.

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