Mother-Baby Relationships

Dr. Rosenberg specializes in working with mothers of infants and young children. The mother-infant bond is essential to the well-being of both the mother and the infant. She provides first time mothers with support as they enter an exciting new time in their lives, the role of care-taker. Dr. Rosenberg helps mothers with how to deal with the stress of not sleeping, changes in the marital relationship, the decision to breastfeed or bottle feed and the decision to go back to work or stay home. She educates about mother-infant attachment and communication and emotional developmental stages. Processing the experience of labor and how relationships with one’s own caretakers influences one’s relationship with one’s baby can be very productive. 

For experienced second or third time mothers, Dr. Rosenberg offers support on how to deal with balancing two or more children and all of the joy and work that goes along with that. She also provides individual therapy for mothers experiencing post-partum depression or baby-blues. Best of all, you can bring your baby with you to the meetings, no babysitter required. Dr. Rosenberg will see you individually or in groups with other mothers.

Dr. Rosenberg works with mothers in Scarsdale, Greenwich & Greater Westchester. If you’d like to speak with Dr. Rosenberg to see if you’re comfortable with her approach, please contact our offices now.