Thanksgiving 2015 Newsletter

Is Thanksgiving a holiday of abundance or lack?

Thanksgiving is traditionally a time when we celebrate abundance. However, we are often filled with thoughts about what we don’t have as opposed to what we do have.

According to the philosopher Kierkegaard, all of human suffering is caused by comparing oneself to others.

Thanksgiving- Holiday of Abundance or Lack? You Choose!

  • Abundance is a choice. Its all in the choice you make about how you think about what you have. Research shows that as long as your basic needs are met, a little more money won’t make you happier. You can choose to focus on what you have rather than on what you don’t have.
  • Furthermore,we acclimate to what we have, so more money just becomes your new normal and doesn’t actually make you happier. Studies show that if you either win the lottery or suffer a terrible accident and lose the use of your limbs, one year later your level of happiness returns to what it was before the event!
  • Who is Rich? According to ancient philosophers, a rich person is one who is happy with what he or she has. Another way of saying it is: happiness is when your expectations meet your reality.
  • The Curse of “If only. We all fall into it sometimes. “If only I could take the family to Disney World, then I would be happy.” Its not true. The “If only” part is false. Try to notice that and choose to listen to the wiser part of your mind that knows that you have everything that you need to make you happy right now.
  • Remember: It is people, relationships and connectedness, not things that make us happy.
  • Last but not least: Too many of us feel guilty for being ungrateful. If you are not feeling grateful this time around, let it go. Don’t feel guilty. You’ll get back to it when life is feeling good again. And it will.

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