The No -Thanks Thanksgiving?

Feeling a lack of gratitude? That’s ok.

People talk all about gratitude on Thanksgiving. What to do if you are not feeling it this year because of a recent loss or upset?

  • It’s ok to have whatever thoughts and feelings you are having. Let them be. It is ok to feel ungrateful.
  • Know that however you feel or whatever you are going through, you are not alone. Others have gone through those same feelings too.
  • Tell yourself: This too shall pass. It can be really hard to keep this in mind when you are going through something difficult. But it is true, everything passes and everything changes, the bad as well as the good.
  • Notice any small things in your life that you are grateful for, or how much worse the situation could have been (it can always be worse.)
  • Be willing to follow the path to where it will take you, sometimes bad luck is really good luck in disguise.

Tips for children/teens:

  • It’s a good habit to snuggle in bed and ask children to tell you the best thing that happened to them that day, as that process helps children to focus on positive thoughts and feelings.
  • It’s also helpful to ask children if they did anything to help anyone else that day, to teach them to focus on giving as a way to feel good and that others’ needs are important too.

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