At this time of year in particular, so many advice givers (myself included) tout the benefits of gratitude. But what if you are not feeling it this time around? Should you mentally beat yourself up because you can’t get with the program and immerse yourself in gratitude? Should you throw your hot coffee at the next person who glances at your grimace and tells you to smile? NO!

We all have bad days and that’s ok!

  • Its ok to have a bad day.  Sometimes we all want to take off our shoe and throw it at the person who is cheerfully smiling at us and telling us to have a nice day or to focus on gratitude. It doesn’t always feel like a nice day and we can’t always focus on our blessings. Don’t put pressure on yourself to be perfect and always be grateful.
  • Try to resist the temptation to compare yourself to others in order to cheer yourself up. If you think to yourself: “well at least I don’t have it as bad as so and so,” you may feel better momentarily but pretty soon you will compare yourself to those who have more than you do and that doesn’t feel good. It also doesn’t work because who really wants to delight in the suffering of others?
  • Let yourself really have your emotions. Let them wash over you like a wave. Good feelings, bad feelings, they all pass eventually. If you deeply embrace your emotions and let yourself feel deeply no matter what the emotion (grumpiness and joy alike), you can eventually begin to feel a shift and then feel more peaceful.
  • Here’s to hoping that next year is better in whichever way you are looking for improvement in your life; Happiness, health, joy, contentment, satisfying relationships, fulfilling work, prosperity and self confidence, I wish them all for you.

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