Womens Issues

Dr. Rosenberg specializes in working with women’s issues: women dealing with relationship issues with family members, women who are thinking about becoming mothers or dealing with fertility issues, women adjusting to motherhood for the first time or adjusting to being home/working out of the home, women who would like help coping with the daily demands of motherhood with children of any age and women suffering from post-partum depression.

More About Fertility Issues

Becoming a mother is the hope and wish of many women. Some women require fertility treatments to help. Dealing with issues of fertility can be extremely painful for any woman. Dr. Rosenberg is here to help you through this time to cope with the uncertainty of fertility treatments and unique challenges that come along with it.

Dr. Rosenberg works with women in Scarsdale, Greenwich & Greater Westchester. Her empathic and strengths-based approach works for treating anxiety, depression, adjustment issues, relationship issues and loss.

If you’d like to speak with Dr. Rosenberg to see if you’re comfortable with her approach, please contact our offices now.