Lauren Weisfelner L.C.S.W.

Lauren is a licensed clinical social worker

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Lauren comes to this work with the belief that to be curious, is to be human.  Being inquisitive together and looking to gain a deeper understanding into what drives you, can open up a greater sense of yourself and help you gain insight, clarity and personal growth.

Personal statement:

A guiding principle in my work with all clients is that: You, the client, are the expert in yourself. I, therefore,  approach this work with a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation that I am able to be a part of this journey of self growth with you. My specialized approach lies in addressing challenges related to: parenting, anxiety, life transitions, socialization, self-esteem and separation.  I offer therapy sessions focused on creating positive transformations for your daily life. I am a skilled listener with the firm belief that the ability to initiate change resides within you. In our safe therapeutic relationship, we will explore, challenge and question together.

Lauren gained much of her clinical experience in a private special education setting where she worked with students individually and in group settings as well as with parents and siblings.


Lauren has an undergraduate degree from Bucknell University and a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Columbia University with a concentration in family and children.

My Toolbox

Mindfulness Therapy
Strength-Based Model
Play Therapy
Growth Mindset Approach
Parenting Therapy and Support