Sara Kranzler Psy.D.

Dr. Sara Kranzler is a licensed Clinical Psychologist

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After a decade in the field. Dr. Kranzler brings her expertise in diagnosis and intervention to her work and supervision. Dr. Kranzler specializes in anxiety, depression, behavioral dysregulation, and neurodiversity.

Personal statement:

Dr. Kranzler has worked in school settings, outpatient clinics, as well as hospital and residential settings. She has also spent the last five years in private practice supporting individuals who are looking for change. For Dr. Kranzler, the heart of therapy is the fact that we often forget that we are human. At times, words can be inaccessible for difficult feelings or experiences; but that doesn’t last for long. Dr. Kranzler utilizes playful approaches and humor in her own life to find words for her struggles as well as manage anxiety and depression.


  • Dr. Sara Kranzler is a graduate of Yeshiva University, Ferkauf Graduate school of Psychology where she earned her degree from the Combined School-Clinical Program.

My Toolbox

  • In addition to using assessment-informed treatment and evidence-based practices such as CBT, DBT and AEDP to achieve results, Dr. Kranzler is committed to nurturing a collaborative, strengths-based relationship with everyone she works with. This comes from knowing that each individual has their own wealth of innate abilities, courage, and will power, which can be enhanced in a warm, supportive relationship.