Rachel T. Salamon L.C.S.W.

Rachel Salamon is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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Rachel Salamon is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with an extensive background in behavioral and mental health providing individual and group therapy to clients of all ages struggling with various mental health conditions including depression, anxiety, defiance, familial relationship struggles, and life stressors.

Personal statement:

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a background in behavioral and mental health as well as healthcare. I am passionate about helping clients implement behavior modifications to improve their overall health and well being. I am committed to helping clients foster positive change, growth, and self compassion. My work in healthcare has provided me with extensive experience working with clients struggling with anxiety, depression, chronic illness, grief, and adjustment. I use a mix of Cognitive behavioral therapy, Symptom Targeted Intervention, and Motivational Interviewing in my work with clients. I also have extensive experience working with parents, caregivers, and children with a goal of strengthening the caregiver-child relationship. I understand and see first hand the balancing act parents often experience between personal needs and familial needs. I feel strongly that creating a sense of calm and fostering positive relationships in the home will help parents and children succeed and ultimately decrease a child’s negative behaviors. I am trained in Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) as well as Parent Management Therapy (PMT).


Masters in Social Work from Columbia University School of Social Worker with a clinical focus.

My Toolbox

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Symptom Targeted Intervention (STI), Motivational Interviewing, Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), Parent Management Therapy (PMT)